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KNX Thermostat RIPE-S series

KNX Thermostat RIPE-S series


Greencontrols designer range Thermostat series, RIPE-S, is designed to measure and maintain ambient temperature in 2 and 4 pipe FCU systems. The thermostat is fashioned with a sleek metallic surface, LED illuminated buttonsand a LED digital display to give it the ultimate luxurious feel.

  • General Specification

    Operating Voltage: 21-30 VDC via KNX. Require 24VDC as well.

    Control Elements: On/Off put switch, Temperature setting, Fan speed setting

    Material: Metal

    Frame: No

    Color: Grey, Silver, Brown

    Sensor Type: Proximity Sensor (Distance Programmable)

    Certification: KNX Certified

  • Policy

    Product warranty period: 1 year

  • Technical Sheets

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