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KNX Training Station

KNX Training Station

The Greencontrols Training Station is designed in a form of experimental panel made of phenolic. It is 297 mm high (DIN A4) and about 5 mm thickness and to be attached on a workbench. The devices and
components are mounted in front of the panel that is constructed with aluminums DIN rail for DIN rail mounted devices. The transfer of the bus signals is implemented by a twisted pair cable which is terminated with female 2 mm connectors. All terminals for the mains voltage are wired to 4 mm safety lab sockets. Power supply: 230 V - single phase.


The Basic Training Station component list provided in the subsequent section. 


To increase complexity, an Advance Training Station can also be customized to include DALI modules, Weather Station modules, Security Panel modules, Fan Coil Unit modules, KNX Visualization modules and so on.


The Training Station is fully compliant to the KNX Association standard.

  • Components List for Basic Training Station

    Power Supply, 640mA GreenControls GC01PS002 TM 2
    Line Coupler GreenControls GC01LC002 TM 1
    USB Interface (Din Rail) GreenControls GC01USB006 TM 1
    4ch switch actuator GreenControls GC04SA001 TM 1
    4ch shutter actuator GreenControls GC06SH001 TM 1
    2ch dimming actuator GreenControls GC05DA009 TM 1
    4ch Universal Input GreenControls GC03UI001 TM 1
    4Fold Push Button GreenControls GC10PB004 TM 1
    2Fold Push Button GreenControls GC10PB002 TM 1
    Motorized venetian blind GreenControls GC14ACC005 TM 1
    Switching 4x pilot lamp GreenControls GC14ACC002 TM 1
    Dimmable Lamp GreenControls GC14ACC001 TM 1
    3 gang Conventional Switch GreenControls GC14ACC009 TM 1
    Protection Modules (ELCB/MCB) GreenControls GC14ACC004 TM 1
    Safety Connection plug 4mm GreenControls GC14ACC007 TM 1
    Safety Connection plug 2mm GreenControls GC14ACC006 TM 1
    **3-layer aluminum frame & ETS Lite License Frame are provided      


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