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Touch Screen Mini 2.6Inch

Touch Screen Mini 2.6Inch

SKU: GC09TP002

Sleek and Elegant 2.6-inch Touch Screen Panel designed to provide a luxurious user experience of the KNX system. The features of the Touch Screen are as follow:
> Switching, scenes, dimming, curtains control,scene control and other control functions
> Customizable icons and wording displays
> Built in Temperature/Humidity Sensor
> Built in Proximity Sensor
> Thermostat
> Time and date display


Comes in 4 variants:

1) BK - Black Frame, Aluminium

2) SL - Silver Frame, Aluminium

3) BR - Brown Frame, Aluminium

4) WH - White Frame, Glass

  • General Specification

    Operating Voltage: 21-30 VDC via KNX

    Operating Current: <21mA

    DC Power: 24V DC

    Total Pages of Display: 10 pages

    Total Icons: 8 icons / page. 

    Certification: KNX Certified

    Installation: Wall Mounted

    Size: 55 x 55 x 38 mm

  • Policy

    Product warranty period: 1 year

  • Technical Sheet

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